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escort passport radar detector
Escort Passport
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escort SmartRadar detector
Escort SmartRadar
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bel pro 100 radar detector
BEL Pro 100
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Escort Redline XR
Escort Redline XR radar detector
"'s best radar protection"
  • World's longest radar warning range
  • Superior laser detection
  • #1 choice for highway driving
  • Simple plug-and-play operation
  • Voice alerts and tones
  • Undetectable by detector-detectors
Long range is crucial for avoiding tickets
Escort Passport Max2
" radar - red light
camera defense"
  • Best radar range of any GPS model
  • Advanced software limits false alarms
  • Warns of red light and speed cameras
  • Bluetooth connects to Escort Live
  • Voice alerts and tones
  • Spanish voice-text option
Escort Passport
"...the new class benchmark"
  • Bluetooth for instant Escort Live access
  • OLED display with four color choices
  • Web updates keep it current
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Voice alerts and tones
  • Spanish voice and text option
Escort Passport 9500ix
"...cost-effective defense
vs. radar and lasers"
  • Long radar-laser warning range
  • Automatically eliminates false alarms
  • Great choice for city/highway use
  • Warns of red light and speed cameras
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Voice alerts and tones
  • High-resolution text display
Detectors with GPS can eliminate false alarms
Escort Passport Max
"...Max2 without Bluetooth, identical
performance at a lower cost"
Escort Passport 8500 X50
" detector under $299"
  • Simple controls and operation
  • Extensive feature set
  • Audio jack for external speaker
  • Class-leading radar performance
  • High-intensity LED text display
BEL Pro 500
"...superb Escort 9500ix clone"
  • Cloned Escort Passport 9500ix
  • Superior radar warning range
  • GPS eliminates false alarms
  • Red light, speed camera warnings
  • Simple, user-friendly controls
  • Voice alerts and tones
Escort Passport 9500ci Pro
" custom remote model"
"...superb Escort 9500ci twin"
Escort Passport 8500ci Plus
"...dominates this market segment"
  • Discreet, built-in components
  • Compact remote display/control unit
  • Protects from red light cameras
  • No dangling power cord
  • Voice alerts or tones
  • Available with laser shifters
Escort SmartRadar
"...concealed high performance"
Escort Solo S3
" engineering miracle"
  • Battery-powered, cordless
  • Best overall radar-laser performance
  • Extra filtering limits false alarms
  • Color OLED display
  • Power cord optional
  • External speaker jack
BEL STi Magnum
" Escort Redline clone"
  • Less-pricey Escort Redline twin
  • Voice alerts and warning tones
  • Rugged magnesium case
  • Class-leading radar range
  • Superior laser detection
  • Undetectable by detector-detectors
  • Ideal for open highways

Top-Rated Low-Priced Models

Moderately Priced, Fewer Features

BEL Pro 200
"...class-leading model"
  • Only American-made mid-priced model
  • Good array of features
  • Voice alerts and tones
  • High-visibility red LED display
  • Superior radar sensitivity
  • Best overall performance at the price
BEL Pro 100
" under-$180 detector"
  • Rugged construction
  • Good set of features
  • High-visibility red text display
  • Superior radar sensitivity
  • High-performance laser detection
  • Best for the price
Whistler CR90
"...elegantly engineered,
very sophisticated"
  • Class-leading radar detection range
  • Exceptional laser detection range
  • Warns of red light cameras
  • Extensive user preferences
  • Extra filtering limits false alarms
  • Vibrant OLED color display
  • RSID spots bogus Ka-band signals
Whistler CR85
"...impressive performance"
  • Exceptional laser-detection ability
  • Class-leading radar detection range
  • Extensive menu of user preferences
  • Six filter modes cut false alarms
  • Blue OLED display
  • LSID identifies laser threats
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